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10 Great Akita Gifts

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Gifts for Akita Lovers ImageAkita are magnificent dogs and top-notch companions for people willing and able to manage and train these intelligent and powerful dogs. If this is your breed than there is no other quote like it and Akita gifts will hit a very large and very soft spot.

Akita Gift Necklace Image
Akita Pendant
A handsome pendant showing a classic Akita head. There are several other Akita pendants to select from, as well.

Akita Toy Gift Image
Kita Akita 12″ by Douglas Cuddle Toys
Upright and confident, this adorable toy will make any Akita lover smile.

Akita Dog Art Image
Akita by Dean Russo Canvas Art Size 8.25 X 10
Dean Russo’s art always captures energy and fun as well as the classic breed expression. He pulls it off again here. He has a gift.

Akita Vest Image
Akita Ladies’ Micro Fleece Unlined Vest with Bone Zipper Pull and Embroidered image
Great looking vests (XS – 2X) – fun colors, nice length, tall collar. This is a win. See other colors here: other Akita vests (men and women).

Image for Akita Gifts Image
Akita Wind Chimes X-SMALL Bronze
Handsome, classic Akita outlined here. A special gift for the special Akita lover.

Tote Image for Akita Gifts Image
Blonde Designs Gold Crown For Keep Calm Love Animals – Gold Crown Keep Calm And Love Akitas – Tote Bags – Black Tote Bag 14w x 14h x 3d
Dogs do make things better. Period. Always. We dog lovers know this and this tote celebrates it.

Plate Image
THE MORE PEOPLE I MEET THE MORE I LIKE MY AKITA Pet Steel Metal License Plate Frame Ch # 77
‘Nuff said!

Akita Baseball Cap Image
Akita Blue Baseball Cap with Profile
Baseball hats are great general head wear and especially good for dog walking in nearly all weather. Great looks Akita theme, all cotton cap with a zippered pocket on the side.

Akita Trivet Hot Plate Wall Decor Image
Akita Trivet Hot Plate Wall Decor 8 x 8 Inch
All together now… “Awwww…..” Adorable!

Hachi: A Dog's Tale Image
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
True story of Akita loyalty and wisdom. One of the many reasons Akita are national treasures in Japan.

Hope you find the Akita gifts here you were looking for. If not, ask me below.

One Comment

  1. LOVED these.. Definitely some on my wish list. Really loved the painting. Could be Irie!
    The Akita pictured is quite pretty 😉

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