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10 Great Beagle Gifts

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Best Beagle Gifts ImageDo you think beagles are some of the happiest dogs around? I do. Wagging, baying, and exuberant dogs who give their all in everything they do. Here are some great beagle gifts for these sweet hound dogs.

Beagle Dog Window Sticker Image
iBay Beagle Dog Vinyl Window Auto Decal Sticker
Clearly designed by a beagle lover who knows beagles only bay when they are happy, excited, frustrated, bored or um… awake. There are many other Beagle decals to select from if you need more than one.

Beagle Dog Art Mouse Pad Image
Beagle ROTFLMAO Dog Art Mouse Pad
Drawn by someone who knows the joyfulness of many a beagle, this artist captured it beautifully here. Joie de Beagle!

Bernie Beagle Image
Bernie Beagle
Perfectly done here, Bernie is adorable and will be adored by any beagle lover.

Beagle Toy Image
Westland Giftware Mwah Magnetic Beagles Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 2-1/2-Inch
I just bought these as a gift. They are completely charming and well-priced. I know these will make my beagle-loving friend smile.

Beagle Sleeping on Bed Bedroom Framed Art Print Image
Home Alone by John Rossini 22×28 Dog Beagle Sleeping on Bed Bedroom Framed Art Print Wall D├ęcor Picture
Beagle nirvana? Your scent! So they love to sleep where you have been. This is a blissfully happy beagle napping on a bed.

Beagle Wood Carving Image
Beagle-Intarsia Wood Carving
Hand-made in Wisconsin, these are special items for the devoted beagle-ist.

Beagle Tote Bag Image
George the Beagle Tote Bag
A happy beagle face captured perfectly here on this tote. Great image!


Beagle Tie Image
Beagle Tie (Men’s Dog Breed Neck Tie)
For the well-dressed beagle man in your life.

Beagle Ladies' Bone Zipper Pull and Embroidered image
Beagle Ladies’ High Tec Vest, Bone Zipper Pull and Embroidered image
Flattering fit, winter comfort vest sporting a beagle stitched near the heart. Perfect. Love that blue one, too.

Beagle Ceramic Mug Image
Paw Palettes Beagle Woofhol Ceramic Mug, 16-Ounce
A mug of mugs. Can your beagle lover drink with a pack of beagles staring at them? I bet they can and with a smile!

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