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10 Great Dalmatian Gifts


Dalamatian Gifts ImageDalmatians have a sleek, unique look that attracts people wherever these handsome dogs go. Dal lovers are usual spot spotters; loving having Dal stuff around them. Here are some of the best Dalmatian gifts I have found on Amazon. Enjoy!

Dalmatian Art Image
“Dalmatian” Art Print Signed by Artist DJ Rogers
Such lovely eye contact DJ Rogers captures here. Admire his work as he can paint dogs in connection with us and that’s a special gift.

Dalmatian Stuffed Toy Image
Adorable, as many Ty toys are. Just adorable.

Dalmatian Gifts Image
Northpoint Wild Side Faux Fur Sherpa Throw, Dalmation
Any Dal will be perfectly camouflaged on this blanket. Quick to both wash and dry, that makes dealing with the nonstop Dal shedding easier.

Dalmatian Leash Holder Image
Dalmatian Leash Holder
This is the right kind of hang up to have—a stunning and stylish Dalmatian leash holder.

Dalmatian Mug Image
3dRose mug_751_1 Dalmatian Spots on Spots Mug, 11-Ounce
Find the puppy. Here is a Dalmatian gift sure to bring a smile to any Dal lovers face.

Dalmatian Pillow Image
Dalmatian Pillow – 17 x 17 Pillow
Lovely. The slight upward gaze implies looking into a human face, attentive and ready. Nicely drawn.

Dalmatian Decal Image
Got Spots? Dalmatian Dog Vinyl Window Decal Sticker
Spots define a Dal so why not ask that question? Here are other dal decals to enjoy.

101 Dalmatian Gifts Image
Westland Giftware Dalmatians in Love Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 4-Inch
Classic 101 Dalmatian characters charmingly rendered here.

Dalmatian Figurine Image
Swarovski Crystal Figurine #628948 Dalmatian Mother
A different take on the breed for people into Swarovski collectables (or want to start).

Dalmatian Puzzle Image
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of DALMATIAN DOGS – puppys close-up of litter sleeping from Ardea Wildlife Pets
This is a puzzle that will make any Dal devotee both laugh and cry. Good luck with this one! Great gift for a rainy day.

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