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10 Great Pug Gifts


Want Pug Gifts Image Pugs are some of the most charming companions – comical and happy. People who love pugs will love pug gifts. Enjoy this selection!

Pug Gifts Tile Coaster Image
Pug Gifts Tile Coaster
This artists captures the sensitivity in a pug’s face perfectly. Wonderful work. There are many Pug tiles to browse through from funny (Nothing Butt Pugs) to gorgeous (as above). Black and fawn featured.

Pug Dog Sticker Image
Got Pug? Vinyl Window Decal Dog Sticker
Too cute to pass up, there are many other pug decals for your car, computer or walls. Have fun!

Pug Coin Purse Image
Catseye Pug Coin Purse
This ultra-close-up of a pug’s adorableness caught my attention. Image is on both sides.

Pug Apple Iphone Custom Case Image
Apple Iphone Custom Case 5 / 5s White Plastic Snap on – Cute Pug Puppy Dog Wearing Big Sunglasses
So Elton John, don’t you think? Sure to spark conversation with other pug lovers. Have another sort of phone? You’ve got plenty to pick from: other pug cell phone cases.

Pug Funny Mug Image
Super Pug Ka-Pow Comic Novelty Funny Mug
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Pug! Love this? Me, too. If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other Pug mugs ranging from artist to traditional. Enjoy!

Pug Framed Canvas Art Image
Pavilion Gift Company 12062 Paw Palettes Framed Canvas Art, 7-1/2 by 6-Inch, Pug Muttisse
As a fan of the artist Matisse and of pugs, I may have to hang this piece myself. A nice piece of art for any pug lover. This was such a tough choice as there are many – many – great pieces to choose from. If you click this link, good luck picking just one!

Pug Toy Image
Ganz Lil’Kinz Pug Plush, 6.5″
Just pure cuteness and that is plenty.

Pug Rain Umbrella Image
Pug Dog Silhouette Walking Stick Rain Umbrella
Next time it is raining cats and dogs, you’ll have the answer. Stylin’ with a nice deep arched canopy for good protection from the rain.

pug book Image
The Tao of Pug
The pug here? Wilson! So, I had to pick this one.  He shares his Pug-tzu wisdom on life. Other pug-focused books to consider: The Happy Little Book of Pugs: A Visual Appreciation, Living with Pugs and Fabulous Pugs.

Pug Pillow Image
Bentin Pet Decor Pug 2 Throw Pillow, 18 by 18-Inch
“Sweet – Snorts – Grunts – Snuffles – Playful – Childlike – Charming – Good Humored – Peaceful with the World” is what this pillow says and who can argue that about a pug?

Have questions about these pug gifts or others? Ask. I am delighted to help.


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