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10 Great Puggle Gifts


Pug + Beagle = Puggle. Compact cuties that have put a spell on many dog lovers. If someone’s heart belongs to one of these dogs than puggle gifts are just the think. Amazon has a good selection:

Puggle Mugs Image
Snuggle Puggles Mug by CafePress
Snuggle with a puggle? Yes! This is sure to make your giftee smile.

Puggle Tile Image
Puggle Trivet Hot Plate Wall Decor 8 x 8 Inch
This artist captures a puggle pup perfectly – right down to the wrinkles. With a well-placed ball as an olive leaf, this tile charms.

Puggle Decals Image
Got Puggle? Vinyl Window Decal Puggle Dog Sticker
The head cock, facial wrinkles and puggy tail ID this dog before you even read “got puggle?” There are plenty of options to pick from so scroll at will: All Puggle Decals

Puggle Gifts Image
Puggle Dog Figurine
This adorable hand-painted statue is around 4.5″ long. Perfect for being an on-desk companion.

Toy Puggle Image
Gund Designer Pups Binx Puggle 10 Inch Plush
Typical Gund toy – well-made and charming. Spot wash.

Puggle Gift Image
Got Yo Gifts Puggle Mirrored Acrylic Keychain
The puggle smile is captured well on this popular keychain.

Puggle Magnet Image
Puggle Fridge Magnet – Puggle Snuggle Anyone
Who can resist?

 Puggle Shirt Image
Got Puggle Men’s Tee Shirt
This T-shirt comes in many colors and sizes up to 6X so there really is an option for most puggle lovers.

Puggle Gift Image
Puggle Original Ornament
While I don’t usually focus on holiday specific items, this is just too darn cute for me to leave out.

Puggle Gifts Image
BEWARE Guard Dog on Duty Sign – Puggle
Now everyone has been warned. Your home is guarded by a dog who can’t hold his licker.

I hope these puggle gifts amused you, as they have amused me.


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