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AussiedoodleWant a slow, not-very-smart dog? WRONG dog! Both the poodle and the Australian shepherd are usually beyond brilliant and both are fun and fun-loving so this mix will keep their fans busy! People who love this rather unusually cross will love aussiedoodle gifts that celebrate it. Enjoy!

Gifts for Aussiedoodle lovers Image

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Aussiedoodles
And there you have it – a book for this dog and this dog lover.

 Aussiedoodle gift stuffed toy
Russ Berrie Yomiko Aussiedoodle 11″
Too cute! I’m a fan of any black-tri dog so this toy grabs my heart with both hands. Good for young and not-so-young aussiedoodle lover.

Aussiedoodle gift Image
AUSSIEDOODLE I Love My REFLECTIVE License Plate Frames (Thin) USA
Let people know where you stand (and sit and walk) – next to your dog!

Aussiedoodle Love My Dog Bone – Window Bumper Locker Sticker
And this will no doubt lead to all sorts of questions about what IS an aussiedoodle, what are they like, etc.

AussieDoodle Mugs Image
Aussiedoodle Mom Mug by CafePress
Nothing like a warm mug in your hands while a warm muzzle is on your foot. My preferred way to start any day.

This is what I have so far for aussiedoodle gifts. If you stumble across something relevant and great on Amazon, share the link below and I’ll add it here.

Enjoy your day and your dog!

PS: I include this in self-defense. With this cross you either keep them busy or they keep themselves busy and that is rarely any fun… for you. 😉

101 Dog Tricks Book Image
101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

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