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August 20, 2016
by Sarah

Heart Dog Shop: For People Who Love Dogs

I opened “Heart Dog Shop” to sell clothing that captures the love I have for dogs. After years of frustration wearing clothing that I simply didn’t like very much, I decided to do something about it. Here’s the design that started it all: Heart Dog.

Heart Dog Shop Tee Shirt

This semi-fitted tee comes in 12 colors. Medium is an 6-8 (more 8 than 6) and Large is a 10-12 (more 10 than 12)

Every where I go, other dog lovers smile and comment on this tee. It strikes a cord with our tribe; it says what needs saying without saying it.

This Heart Dog tee is for every woman who has ever had a heart dog and wants to celebrate that fact.

We know exactly how you feel because we have felt it, too.

The fit is not snug nor is this crew neck tight. It’s semi-fitted and is a favorite of mine.

Want to see all the colors?

Sizes Small – 2 XL.

Prefer the classic red on white featured below in this cut? We’ve got you covered! Click here for those tees.


Heart Dog Loose Fit Tee ShirtRed hearts on a classic white or heather tee. This is the Heart Dog tee that started it all and the image I fell in love with.

This heart dog is literal made of hearts from the tip of the tail to a cute heart nose.

This is a more relaxed fit tee running from Small to 4XL.

Like this cut? Comes in all the colors above here: Relaxed Fit Tees


This shop exists to serve you so let us know what you like and what you’d like to see changed. We love hearing from you!



November 29, 2014
by Sarah

Holiday Dog Collars

Holiday Dog CollarsIf your dog is part of your family then participation in big events is assumed. Luckily there are a myriad—truly—of great holiday dog collars to choose from that deck your dog appropriately for the season. Pip has a variety of collars to match my mood or our activity. Holiday collars are part of our collection. Seeing her wearing one makes me smile; hope some of these do the same for you. These Holiday Dog Collars are all on Amazon

Christmas Dog Collar
Night Before Christmas Dog or Puppy Collar – Classy and Cute Apparal for Your Pet (Medium 12 to 20″ Neck)
This is a great seasonal collar, completely suitable for all-winter wear.

Holiday Dog Collar
Yellow Dog Design Standard Collar, Medium, Christmas Cheer
Sized from 14-inch to 20-inch, this is a cheery, ornament themed collar.

Holiday Dog Collars Image
Yellow Dog Design Standard Collar, Small, Christmas Stockings
Sized from 10-inch to 14-inch. Adorable stockings adorn this holiday dog collar.

Winter Dog Collar
Adjustable Dog Collar in Red Christmas Snowflakes (U.S.A. Made)
14-22″ Inches Long, this is another classy, winter-theme collar that would look especially good on black dogs.


Brand New Mirage – Candy Cane Bones Nylon Ribbon Collar Martingale Large
Need a martingale collar on your dog? This candy-cane collar dresses your dog for the day and allows you the control you need in case the actual candy canes start tempting your dog a bit too much.

Christmas theme dog collar
Yellow Dog Design Martingale Pet Collar, Large, Holiday Treats
All fabric martingales are a great choice for dogs skilled at slipped their collar. This is a delightful option.


Bells on dogs are fun, as long as they don’t scare the dog. Before you put one on your dog, take some treats and, with the collar behind your back,  jingle the collar gently then feed your dog, Step away and repeat. If your dog shows no concern, then bring the collar forward and repeat. Still doing fine? Then jingle it as it would jungle on your dog? Treat and step away. In just a few minutes you can convince your dog that bells are a fabulous thing!

Jingle Bell Collar
Premier Jingle Bell Dog Collar, Large, Red
Three sizes, green and red options.

Jingle Bell Dog Collar
Auburn Leather Red Jingle Bells Christmas Pet Dog Collar 1″ x 18″

Bell Dog Collar
Kyjen PP01761 Dog Bell Collar Holiday Accessory For Dogs, Large, Red


LED Dog Collar
Itery LED Flashing Lights Dog Collar Pets LED Flash Collar Christmas Tree (White)
Four modes of flashing make this holiday collar something special. If your dog is the type who loves attention and laughter, he may enjoy sporting this conversation piece.


Over the Collar, Reversible Dog Bandana, Christmas, Lights, Black, Bell Art Designs, Small, DCS0096
Totally fun and a nice option for longer-haired dogs where the flat collars would not show.

Over the Collar, Reversible Dog Bandana, Christmas, Lights, Joy, Santa, Bell Art Designs, Medium, DCM0092
Fun! Ho-ho-ho! This bandana covers the Christmas bases.

Over the Collar, Reversible Dog Bandana, Christmas, Lights, Snowmen, Bell Art Designs, Medium, DCM0089
Our first snowman theme bandana/collar. This is appropriate all winter long but a “must wear” for Frosty the Snowman viewing.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Pats to your dog for me.

May 17, 2014
by Sarah

10 Great Dalmatian Gifts

Dalamatian Gifts ImageDalmatians have a sleek, unique look that attracts people wherever these handsome dogs go. Dal lovers are usual spot spotters; loving having Dal stuff around them. Here are some of the best Dalmatian gifts I have found on Amazon. Enjoy!

Dalmatian Art Image
“Dalmatian” Art Print Signed by Artist DJ Rogers
Such lovely eye contact DJ Rogers captures here. Admire his work as he can paint dogs in connection with us and that’s a special gift.

Dalmatian Stuffed Toy Image
Adorable, as many Ty toys are. Just adorable.

Dalmatian Gifts Image
Northpoint Wild Side Faux Fur Sherpa Throw, Dalmation
Any Dal will be perfectly camouflaged on this blanket. Quick to both wash and dry, that makes dealing with the nonstop Dal shedding easier.

Dalmatian Leash Holder Image
Dalmatian Leash Holder
This is the right kind of hang up to have—a stunning and stylish Dalmatian leash holder.

Dalmatian Mug Image
3dRose mug_751_1 Dalmatian Spots on Spots Mug, 11-Ounce
Find the puppy. Here is a Dalmatian gift sure to bring a smile to any Dal lovers face.

Dalmatian Pillow Image
Dalmatian Pillow – 17 x 17 Pillow
Lovely. The slight upward gaze implies looking into a human face, attentive and ready. Nicely drawn.

Dalmatian Decal Image
Got Spots? Dalmatian Dog Vinyl Window Decal Sticker
Spots define a Dal so why not ask that question? Here are other dal decals to enjoy.

101 Dalmatian Gifts Image
Westland Giftware Dalmatians in Love Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 4-Inch
Classic 101 Dalmatian characters charmingly rendered here.

Dalmatian Figurine Image
Swarovski Crystal Figurine #628948 Dalmatian Mother
A different take on the breed for people into Swarovski collectables (or want to start).

Dalmatian Puzzle Image
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of DALMATIAN DOGS – puppys close-up of litter sleeping from Ardea Wildlife Pets
This is a puzzle that will make any Dal devotee both laugh and cry. Good luck with this one! Great gift for a rainy day.

March 14, 2014
by Sarah
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Dog SnorZ Pet Pillowcase Fun

Just stumble across these 100% Cotton Dog Snorz pillowcases and they are funny enough to earn their own blog. Have you seen these? Made for (and clearly by) dog lovers, these are 330-thread count funny in bed.  Take a look. Dare you not to smile and/or nod.

Image Dog SnorZ Image

“True Love” Pillowcase
“True Love Means Nothing Comes Between Us  Except The Dog”

Dog SnorZ Pillowcases Image

“When I Dream” Pillowcase
“Human sleeps here: When I sleep, I dream I am the person my dog thinks I am.”
“Dog sleeps here: When I sleep, I dream of bacon.”

Dog SnorZ Pillowcase Image
“He Sleeps Here, She Sleeps Here, The Dog Sleeps Here” Pillowcase

“He Sleeps Here, He Sleeps Here, The Dog Sleeps Here” Pillowcase
“She Sleeps Here, She Sleeps Here, The Dog Sleeps Here” Pillowcase

Dog SnorZ Pillowcase Image
Dog SnorZ “Husband Sleeps Here, Wife Sleeps Here, Dog Sleeps Here” Pillowcase

Funny Dog Pillowcases Image

Dog SnorZ “I Love My Dog, I Woof You Too” Pillowcase

Dog SnorZ Pillowcase Image

Dog SnorZ “Sleep with an Old Dog” Pillowcase
“I go to sleep with an old dog and wake up with a frisky puppy.”

Dog SnorZ Image
Dog SnorZ “The Rules” Pillowcase
The Rules
The Dog stays outside. Always!
The Dog can stay inside but must stay off the furniture.
The Dog can be on the furniture but never on the bed.
The Dog can sleep on the bed but not under the blankets.
I give up. The Dog can sleep anywhere!

The New Rules
Humans must ask permission under the blankets.

Funny Dog Pillowcases Image

“My Dog is Better Than a Man” Pillowcase
“I am a great listener, love to cuddle and will never ask you to wear high heels to bed.”

There are cat ones and holiday-focused Dog Snorz pillowcases, as well. Fun gifts people people who love their animal companions.

February 20, 2014
by Sarah

Pet Memorial Stones

Pet loss is a private devastation. To those of us who know, it does not need to be explained. To those who do not, it cannot be explained. And that loss echoes forward. It never leaves us. We never forget. Life goes on. New loves grow. But back in a corner of our hearts, their loss remains. I write this blog because I am getting a few of these pet memorial stones for the ones I have lost.

Don’t know exactly why I haven’t up to now except maybe it made it too real. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is now I am home and I want their memories around me. I like the idea of gardening with the butterflies fluttering and Pip baking herself in the sun the way she likes to and seeing a beloved name near by. Seeing that wag or grin in my mind. Touching that head one more time in my heart. I can bear the momentary tears for those many, many happy memories.

Shopping hints: “Sandblasted” generally means real stone and real stone means shipping charges and a generally small size. I like the small size myself but be sure to check the details so you get exactly what you want. Personalized all have special instructions about how to get the details to the manufacturer. Many of these are resin which keeps down the weight and the cost but still looks like real stone to me. 

Personalized Pet Memorial Stone Image
Sandblast Engraved River Stone Pet Memorial Headstone Grave Marker 

Pet Memorial Stone Image

Evergreen Enterprises Dog Paw Print Devotion Garden Stone

Pet Memorial Stone Image
Evergreen Enterprises Paw in Hand Devotion Garden Stone

Pet Memorial Stepping Stone Image

Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stone Image
Personalized Engraved Pet Memorial Step Stone 7.5″ Diameter ‘Forever Missed’

Personalized Pet Memorial Stone Image
Personalized Engraved Pet Memorial Step Stone 11″x 11″ Sq ‘Forever Remembred Forever Missed’

Pet Memorial Stone Image
Evergreen Enterprises Dog Collar Garden Stone

Personalized Marble Pet Memorials Image
Sandblast Engraved Marble Pet Memorial Headstone Grave Marker

February 5, 2014
by Sarah

8 Great Valentine Gifts for Dog Lovers

Valentine Day Dog Gift Blog ImageLooking for great Valentine gifts for dog lovers? There are fantastic options ranging from the adorable to the impressive. Here are my top picks:

Gund Valentine plush toy Image
Gund Valentine’s Angelo Dog with Flower Plush
Admittedly, I am a long time fan of Gund. These well-made, cuddly, charming toys are for human enjoyment. If you want something heart-shaped for the favorite dog in your life, look here.

Dog Lovers Decal Image
Love Dog Cat Paw Print with Heart Car Decal / Sticker
Says it all. An inexpensive choice that is sure to please.

Heart Dog Collar Image
Paco Collars – “Sybyl Lily Deluxe” – Handmade Leather Dog Collar 
These stunning, hand-crated, American-made, leather dog collars are guaranteed to last a life time. Looking to make a big impression? This collar will do it. For medium to extra large dogs.

Bark Bars Valentine Image
Bark Bars Valentine Hearts 2-Pack Hanging Card Carob Peanut Butter Pet Treat
A fun addition to any dog lover’s Valentine Day. Made for the day, this will bring an appreciative smile to anyone doing the unwrapping.

Life is good Heart Bowl Image
Life is good Good Dog 7 Ceramic Heart Bowl
“Life is Good” makes great, whimsical products so this bowl caught my eye immediately.

Heart Dog Collar Image
Mirage Pet Products Ice Cream Dog Collar with 3/4-Inch Matching Leash for Dogs
Playful and more casual that the Paco Collars above this collar and leash set says, “Love” loud and clear.

Heart Dog Tag Image
Pet ID Tag – Heart Jewelry Tag – Custom engraved cat and dog ID tags. Jewelry that ensures pet safety
This is the sort of tag I have on my dog, Pip. Elegant and sturdy, I just love these.

Love Dogs T Shirt Image
Ladies Keep Calm And Love Dogs. PAW Print. Canine Woof T-Shirt
This comes in many – many – bright, fun colors, is 100% cotton in sizes small to 2x. There really should be something here for almost everyone.

Hope you found valentine gifts for your favorite dog lovers here.

January 26, 2014
by Sarah

Great Gifts for Dog Agility Lovers

Dog Agility Lovers ImageDog agility people are passionate about their sport. Beyond passionate. Devoted. Involved. Okay, sometimes obsessed. It is a heady game of teamwork, precision, connection and speed that can become a full-time pastime extremely quickly.

Get those dog agility lovers gifts that reflect that passion and focus and you’ll make someone very happy.

Dog Agility Pillow Case Image

Dreaming of Agility Dogs – Blue Novelty Bedding Pillowcase Pillow Case
And visions of weave poles danced in her head. 🙂 Any agility fanatic enthusiast will love this pillowcase.

Dog Agility Image
Mini Travel Teeter (Dog Agility See-saw)
Slick. That is just plain slick.

Dog Agility Gift Image
CafePress Dog Agility Q Mug – Standard
CafePress Dog Agility Q Large Mug Large Mug – Standard
A “Q” in dog agility is a “Q”ualifying effort. When you get enough “Q”s you earn titles so “Q” are quite wonderful. As these mugs proclaim.

Dog Agility Decal Image
Let’s Go Bar Hopping! ~ Agility Dog Agility Golden Retriever Vinyl Window Decal Sticker
This one just made me laugh. Comes in 20+ other breeds.

Dog Agility Wall Decals Image
Dog Agility NS002 Vinyl Decal Wall Art Sticker Mural
Over the top? Not even close. Be the talk (and the envy) of all her agility buddies.

Dog Agility  Clock Image
Border Collie Agility Green Wall Clock
Love this clock and I don’t even have a border collie! Plenty of Other Agility Clocks to select from.

FitPAWS Image
FitPAWS Peanut Dog Fitness and Agility
Keeping an agility dog in top condition is a priority for most dog agility lovers. This helps handlers target and strengthen key areas of their canine athlete. It’s fun and it comes in three sizes to match dog’s needs.

Got Agility? window decal image
Got Agility? ~ Agility Dog Agility Border Collie Vinyl Window Decal Sticker
Another decal? Yes. These are great and we all have space for more than one decal on our dog cars, don’t we? I do. Here are a few other dog agility decals.

Jumping from A to Z Book Image
Jumping from A to Z – Teach Your Dog to Soar
This is a classic and one of the few really great books on teaching a dog the mechanics of how to jump safely and well. If your dog agility loving human is planning a long career with her dog, this is a book she will find interesting.

January 9, 2014
by Sarah

10 Great Puggle Gifts

Pug + Beagle = Puggle. Compact cuties that have put a spell on many dog lovers. If someone’s heart belongs to one of these dogs than puggle gifts are just the think. Amazon has a good selection:

Puggle Mugs Image
Snuggle Puggles Mug by CafePress
Snuggle with a puggle? Yes! This is sure to make your giftee smile.

Puggle Tile Image
Puggle Trivet Hot Plate Wall Decor 8 x 8 Inch
This artist captures a puggle pup perfectly – right down to the wrinkles. With a well-placed ball as an olive leaf, this tile charms.

Puggle Decals Image
Got Puggle? Vinyl Window Decal Puggle Dog Sticker
The head cock, facial wrinkles and puggy tail ID this dog before you even read “got puggle?” There are plenty of options to pick from so scroll at will: All Puggle Decals

Puggle Gifts Image
Puggle Dog Figurine
This adorable hand-painted statue is around 4.5″ long. Perfect for being an on-desk companion.

Toy Puggle Image
Gund Designer Pups Binx Puggle 10 Inch Plush
Typical Gund toy – well-made and charming. Spot wash.

Puggle Gift Image
Got Yo Gifts Puggle Mirrored Acrylic Keychain
The puggle smile is captured well on this popular keychain.

Puggle Magnet Image
Puggle Fridge Magnet – Puggle Snuggle Anyone
Who can resist?

 Puggle Shirt Image
Got Puggle Men’s Tee Shirt
This T-shirt comes in many colors and sizes up to 6X so there really is an option for most puggle lovers.

Puggle Gift Image
Puggle Original Ornament
While I don’t usually focus on holiday specific items, this is just too darn cute for me to leave out.

Puggle Gifts Image
BEWARE Guard Dog on Duty Sign – Puggle
Now everyone has been warned. Your home is guarded by a dog who can’t hold his licker.

I hope these puggle gifts amused you, as they have amused me.


December 18, 2013
by Sarah

10 Great French Bulldog Gifts

French Bulldog Gifts ImageFrench bulldogs (Frenchies to their friends) have been rocketing in popularity recently. Their smaller size, comical natures and loving hearts all wrapped up in a wide variety of colors/patterns gives people plenty to adore. They are playful, fun and funny companions. The only problem? It’s apparently quite difficult to have just one. Enjoy this selection of french bulldog gifts that celebrate this adorable dog.

French Bulldog Gifts Image
The San Francisco Umbrella Company Walking Stick Rain Umbrella, French Bulldog with Persimmon Orange and Turquoise
Let your dog protect you – again – this time from bad weather. Graphically strong, this is a good looking way to shout out that you are a frenchie-phile.

French Bulldog Gift Image
French Bulldog with heart dog Vinyl Decal Sticker
Let everyone know where you heart is with this decal or pursue the selection here.

French Bulldog Gift Image
French Bulldog Multi Dot 12″ x 8″ Dry Erase Board
All together now…awwwww…..

French Bulldog Tote Image
French Bulldog “Benny” Tote Bag
Love this graphic and can always find a use for a good tote.

French Bulldog Coffee Cup Image
Paw Palettes French Bulldog Muttisse Ceramic Mug
This would be a great looking mug even if you didn’t love Frenchies but who doesn’t love Frenchies?

French Bulldog Gift Image
Kingspoint Black White French Bulldog Dog w Pendant on Necklace Trinket Box Jeweled
Elegant trinket box that will melt any French Bulldog lover’s heart with that sweet, upward gaze. AND a necklace?

French Bulldog Gift Image
French Bulldog Leather Plate Dog Keychain VANCA CRAFT-Collectible keyring Made in Japan
Unusual and fun – this keychain will be a hit with many frenchie fans.

French Bulldog Magnet Image
French Bulldog Fridge Magnet – Somebody Farted – Fawn French Bulldog
Well… flat-faced dogs can’t help it. You learn to live with it but never to stop chuckling about it. The magnet comes featuring other Frenchie colors, too (black, pied, cream).

French Bulldog Gifts Image
Bentin Pet Decor French Bulldog 3 Throw Pillow
“Frisky – amiable – comical – ball chaser – dependable – entertaining” Again, Bentin pillows and artist Ursula Dodge get it right. They also have charming pillows sporting a black and white and also a tan and white Frenchie.

French Bulldog Gift Image
A house is not a home without French Bulldog – 5″ x 10″ Door Sign
This is exactly how many Frenchie people feel.

It was tough to select just 10 great french bulldog gifts but that, as they say, is an excellent “problem” to have.

December 16, 2013
by Sarah

Zombie Dog Gifts

Zombie Dog ImageZombie dogs? Of course! Dogs are by our side thick and thin and, apparently, alive and dead. Here is a  list of fine zombie dog gifts on Amazon. Don’t be caught dead without one!

Zombie dog toy gifts image
Zombie Dog – The Barking Dead
Zombie cute? Yup this guy pulls that off without even breaking an ear off – well, almost. “Play Dead”? Classic.

Zombie Dog Decal Image
Kowalla Zombie Kid Dog with Blue Collar Vinyl Wall Decals
Kinda cute, kinda scary – the perfect blend. Get the largest size (72 x 51 inches) and it gets darn impressive!

zombie dog gift image
Zombies!!! Glowing Bag O’ Dogs!!!
When you need 100 glowing zombie dogs, nothing else will do! Here you go; do with them what you will.


zombie dog bandana Image
Zombie Tactical Response K-9 Unit Dog Bandana
Your dog is serious about zombie killing? Then this bandana will add to his (or her)  esprit de corpse.

Zombie Dog Patch Image
Zombie Outbreak Response Team K9 Patch
Very cool patch.

Zombie Dog Decals Image
Zombie Dog Scary Car Sticker Indoor Outdoor 6″ x 4″
Let people know that you aren’t fooling… or that you are… there are plenty of other zombie dog decals to make you smile.

Zombie Dog Tag Image
Dog Tag Art Custom Pet ID Tag for Dogs – Zombie Fighter
And many dogs would. Not sure how they would without getting infected but they would try.

zombie dog collar Image
Country Brook Design Green Walk Like a Zombie Grosgrain Ribbon Half Check Collar-L
Zombie dog collars? But of course! Here are more sizes and styles to look at: other Zombie dog collars

Zombie Dog Dress Image
Dog Supplies Zombie Hunter Screen Print Dress Black With Pink
From the “Buffy the Vampire” end of the spectrum comes this killer threat with pink for b*tches who earn the title.

zombie poodle id tag Image
Zombie Poodles on the Loose – Custom Pet ID Tag for Dogs and Cats – SMALL SIZE
You just never see a zombie poodle coming, do you?

zombie dog toy Image
Hagen Dogit Vinyl Dog Toy, Zombie Dog
There are several other Zombie dog toys, if you’re looking for a zombie raccoon or chicken. All these toys are vinyl, which means they won’t hold up long to gnawing jaws but does that matter?

Zombie dog figuring image
Zombie Dog Handler
Even zombie dogs pull on leash? Good to know, I’ll have job security even if I am infected.

Zombie Dog sculpture Image
Hollywood Collectibles Group Resident Evil Cerberus Zombie Dog
And a zombie dog figurine of Cerberus rounds out this listing.

Hope these zombie dog gifts made you shiver and smile now… RUN!!!!!!