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Best Dog Photo Books ImageOh, these are gorgeous! I could own (and in fact do own) many of these. Dogs have been the subject of many stunning and/or funny publications – here are the best dog photo books I have found. (Have a favorite? Let me know!)

Dogs Photo
Dogs starts off with this classic image of a Komondor (a Hungarian livestock guardian breed) jumping toward us. His corded coat flying! It is an image that demands you stop and really look to figure it out, one of the signs of a successful picture. Once you find the coal black nose of this dog you are on your way to finding the dog in the hair.

Underwater Photo
Seth Casteel’s images of dogs retrieving tennis balls in a pool went viral. Unique and intense, you have to look at your dog a bit differently after thumbing through the images in Underwater Dogs. I found them so interesting that I bought one of his photographs.

Shelter Dogs Photo
This serious, earnest adorable face is a compelling start for Shelter Dogs.

Maddie on Things Photo
Maddie on Things is all about one poseable dog and her creative human, Theron Humphrey. Together these two create surprising and often humorous pix.

Puppyhood Photo
Puppyhood: Life-size Portraits of Puppies at 6 Weeks Old – have not seen this one but how could this not be a dog-lovers dream? Especially a young dog lover?

Shake Dog Photo
Shake Did this image make you laugh? It did me. Fun concept, surprising shots.

Old Dogs Photo
Old Dogs: Are the Best Dogs – agreed. ‘Nuff said.

For the Love of Dogs Photo
101 Salivations: For the Love of Dogs – 🙂

A Dog's Life Photo
A Dog’s Life: A Book of Classic Photographs
For those of us who loved LIFE Magazine (for those of us who remember LIFE magazine) this collection is a treat!

Best dog photo books? I think so. Hope you enjoyed this tour. Have comments or questions or suggestions? Write in below.

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