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10 Great French Bulldog Gifts


French Bulldog Gifts ImageFrench bulldogs (Frenchies to their friends) have been rocketing in popularity recently. Their smaller size, comical natures and loving hearts all wrapped up in a wide variety of colors/patterns gives people plenty to adore. They are playful, fun and funny companions. The only problem? It’s apparently quite difficult to have just one. Enjoy this selection of french bulldog gifts that celebrate this adorable dog.

French Bulldog Gifts Image
The San Francisco Umbrella Company Walking Stick Rain Umbrella, French Bulldog with Persimmon Orange and Turquoise
Let your dog protect you – again – this time from bad weather. Graphically strong, this is a good looking way to shout out that you are a frenchie-phile.

French Bulldog Gift Image
French Bulldog with heart dog Vinyl Decal Sticker
Let everyone know where you heart is with this decal or pursue the selection here.

French Bulldog Gift Image
French Bulldog Multi Dot 12″ x 8″ Dry Erase Board
All together now…awwwww…..

French Bulldog Tote Image
French Bulldog “Benny” Tote Bag
Love this graphic and can always find a use for a good tote.

French Bulldog Coffee Cup Image
Paw Palettes French Bulldog Muttisse Ceramic Mug
This would be a great looking mug even if you didn’t love Frenchies but who doesn’t love Frenchies?

French Bulldog Gift Image
Kingspoint Black White French Bulldog Dog w Pendant on Necklace Trinket Box Jeweled
Elegant trinket box that will melt any French Bulldog lover’s heart with that sweet, upward gaze. AND a necklace?

French Bulldog Gift Image
French Bulldog Leather Plate Dog Keychain VANCA CRAFT-Collectible keyring Made in Japan
Unusual and fun – this keychain will be a hit with many frenchie fans.

French Bulldog Magnet Image
French Bulldog Fridge Magnet – Somebody Farted – Fawn French Bulldog
Well… flat-faced dogs can’t help it. You learn to live with it but never to stop chuckling about it. The magnet comes featuring other Frenchie colors, too (black, pied, cream).

French Bulldog Gifts Image
Bentin Pet Decor French Bulldog 3 Throw Pillow
“Frisky – amiable – comical – ball chaser – dependable – entertaining” Again, Bentin pillows and artist Ursula Dodge get it right. They also have charming pillows sporting a black and white and also a tan and white Frenchie.

French Bulldog Gift Image
A house is not a home without French Bulldog – 5″ x 10″ Door Sign
This is exactly how many Frenchie people feel.

It was tough to select just 10 great french bulldog gifts but that, as they say, is an excellent “problem” to have.

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