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10 Great Greyhound Gifts


Great greyhound gifts ImageGreyhounds are one of the most elegant of dogs. With a massive rescue following and their muscular, curvy good looks it is no surprise that so many people want great greyhound gifts. Here are a few of the many choices. Enjoy!

Greyhound art
Greyhound by Artist Ursula Dodge 9″x12″ Solid Wood Sign Wall Decor Art

“Cat Like, Quiet, Dignified, Docile, Sensitive, Graceful, Lights, Fast, Polite, Reserved” All true words to describe these lovely dogs. What greyhound lover could resist?  This sign comes in various sizes and materials. For brindle version click here.

hound collar for a greyhound
RC Pet Products Hound Collar, 14-Inch, Modern Damask
Every greyhound needs a hound collar because their necks are about the same width as they sleek skulls making a regular collar an easy-to-slip off collar. These collars tighten just enough to prevent such slippage. A greyhound must have!

Greyhound Poster Image
Greyhound Poster Print by Dean Russo (8 x 10)
A poster of Russo’ beautiful greyhound head study. The eyes say it all. See all of his handsome  greyhound work here.

Greyhound T-Shirt Image
Beach Graphic Pros Greyhound Funny Friends Dog Lover Adult T-shirt
“Find out why a bus is named after him” 🙂

Greyhound Wall Art Image
Recycled Metal Greyhound Wall Hanging
Just love this playful wall piece. Makes me smile.

DJ Rogers Greyhound Art Image
“Greyhound” Dog Art Print Signed by Artist DJ Rogers
 I am a fan of David Rogers. Self taught and a brilliant observer of dogs, this one caught my eye as you can see the speed of the dog racing the wind on the beach. Be sure to look at other DJ Rogers greyhounds.

Greyhound Umbrella Image
The San Francisco Umbrella Company Walking Stick Rain Umbrella, Greyhound Cardinal Red and Grey
Proclaim your breed devotion with this functional and fun umbrella.

Wooden Greyhound Head Image
Greyhound – intarsia Wood Carving
Hand-made in Wisconsin, this lovely portrait of a  greyhound captures the breed nicely. There is an ears back version as well.

Greyhound art deco poster Image

Art Deco ALLEGRO 1980’s Poster Woman with Greyhound Dogs (18″ Wide x 24″ Tall)
So elegant! Both the woman and her pair of black and white greyhounds! Perfect art deco piece!

Art Deco Greyhound Sculpture Image
Greyhound Art Deco Dog Statue [Kitchen]
Feel the speed of this dog as he races along. A high-end item at a reasonable price. Popular piece!

Greyhound dog bed
Majestic Pet 40-Inch Suede Bagel Dog Bed
Greyhounds are Olympic-level comfort seekers! They need soft and cushy. They require it. Fighting it is a waste of your time and an annoyance to your sensitive companion. Buy big. Buy soft. Accept your fate.

Hope you found a few things to love in this selection of greyhound gifts.

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