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Holiday Dog CollarsIf your dog is part of your family then participation in big events is assumed. Luckily there are a myriad—truly—of great holiday dog collars to choose from that deck your dog appropriately for the season. Pip has a variety of collars to match my mood or our activity. Holiday collars are part of our collection. Seeing her wearing one makes me smile; hope some of these do the same for you. These Holiday Dog Collars are all on Amazon

Christmas Dog Collar
Night Before Christmas Dog or Puppy Collar – Classy and Cute Apparal for Your Pet (Medium 12 to 20″ Neck)
This is a great seasonal collar, completely suitable for all-winter wear.

Holiday Dog Collar
Yellow Dog Design Standard Collar, Medium, Christmas Cheer
Sized from 14-inch to 20-inch, this is a cheery, ornament themed collar.

Holiday Dog Collars Image
Yellow Dog Design Standard Collar, Small, Christmas Stockings
Sized from 10-inch to 14-inch. Adorable stockings adorn this holiday dog collar.

Winter Dog Collar
Adjustable Dog Collar in Red Christmas Snowflakes (U.S.A. Made)
14-22″ Inches Long, this is another classy, winter-theme collar that would look especially good on black dogs.


Brand New Mirage – Candy Cane Bones Nylon Ribbon Collar Martingale Large
Need a martingale collar on your dog? This candy-cane collar dresses your dog for the day and allows you the control you need in case the actual candy canes start tempting your dog a bit too much.

Christmas theme dog collar
Yellow Dog Design Martingale Pet Collar, Large, Holiday Treats
All fabric martingales are a great choice for dogs skilled at slipped their collar. This is a delightful option.


Bells on dogs are fun, as long as they don’t scare the dog. Before you put one on your dog, take some treats and, with the collar behind your back,  jingle the collar gently then feed your dog, Step away and repeat. If your dog shows no concern, then bring the collar forward and repeat. Still doing fine? Then jingle it as it would jungle on your dog? Treat and step away. In just a few minutes you can convince your dog that bells are a fabulous thing!

Jingle Bell Collar
Premier Jingle Bell Dog Collar, Large, Red
Three sizes, green and red options.

Jingle Bell Dog Collar
Auburn Leather Red Jingle Bells Christmas Pet Dog Collar 1″ x 18″

Bell Dog Collar
Kyjen PP01761 Dog Bell Collar Holiday Accessory For Dogs, Large, Red


LED Dog Collar
Itery LED Flashing Lights Dog Collar Pets LED Flash Collar Christmas Tree (White)
Four modes of flashing make this holiday collar something special. If your dog is the type who loves attention and laughter, he may enjoy sporting this conversation piece.


Over the Collar, Reversible Dog Bandana, Christmas, Lights, Black, Bell Art Designs, Small, DCS0096
Totally fun and a nice option for longer-haired dogs where the flat collars would not show.

Over the Collar, Reversible Dog Bandana, Christmas, Lights, Joy, Santa, Bell Art Designs, Medium, DCM0092
Fun! Ho-ho-ho! This bandana covers the Christmas bases.

Over the Collar, Reversible Dog Bandana, Christmas, Lights, Snowmen, Bell Art Designs, Medium, DCM0089
Our first snowman theme bandana/collar. This is appropriate all winter long but a “must wear” for Frosty the Snowman viewing.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Pats to your dog for me.

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