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10 Great Mutt and Mixed Breed Gifts

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Gifts for Mixed Breed Dog Lovers ImageMutts and mixed breeds are the snowflakes of the dog world – each one unique and unrepeatable. Pip is a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying mixed breed. She doesn’t mind that I am a complete mix and I celebrate that she is, too. Mutts are truly America’s dogs. Here is a selection of mixed breed gifts; hope you enjoy them.

Mutts dog image
How cute is this dog? (I’m a sucker for crazy ears.) This coffee table photography book will appeal to the mutt dog lover in your life.

Book of the Mixed Breed Dog Image
Book of the Mixed Breed Dog
Lots of info and 80 pictures inside this beautifully formatted book.

Mutt Coffee Mug Image
I Love My Mutt Coffee Mug
This covers it. Best to stay away from pictures as no picture will represent this category even remotely.

Mutt Dog Decal Image
Mutt Dog Decal- MUTTS HAVE MORE FUN- Mixed Breed Dog bumper sticker for cars – I love heart my Mutt!
A fun bumper sticker for fun dogs and their people. Celebrates the uniqueness of mutts!

2016 Mutts Wall Calendar

Scruffy? Ever since Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, I’ve adored the scruffy dog. How about you? This calendar should please mixed breed/mutt lovers across the board.

Mutt White Ribbon Magnet Image
I Adopted My Mutt White Ribbon Magnet
Sweet and simple. Great stocking stuffer or “congrats on your new adopted dog” gift.

Mutt 3 Pillow Image
Bentin Pet Decor Mutt 3 Pillow, 20 by 20-Inch
I am a fan of these Bentin Pet Decor pillows. I think they do a great job of capturing the “dog-ness” of the each dog. The expression here is spot on! (Or is that Spot on?)

High Cotton Big Mutts Doormat Image
High Cotton Big Mutts Doormat
This is a new classic – you can find this phrase on many things just happened to really like this doormat.

Mutt dog Image
Mutt Mug
Charming (and scruffy). Had to add to this list!

Mutt dog photo fram Image
Mutt “Every Day is Better With a Mutt” Sign. Features Clear Pocket to Insert Your Dogs Photo
Every mutt (and Mixed Breed) deserves their day. You don’t have to be pure bred to be great.

I hope you found the mixed breed gifts you need here. If not, ask below. Be sure to check out our selection for Rescue Dogs, too.


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  1. LOVED the sign.. Love my two mutts!

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