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Best Gifts for Dog Lovers ImageEverywhere I go I look at, buy and try all sorts of dog products. It is both my passion and my job (love when life allows those things to combine). Here are 10 of my pick dog gifts for 2013. Enjoy!

Dog Art Print Image
“Dachshund At the Beach” Dog Art Print Signed by Artist DJ Rogers
David Rogers is self taught. Wow. Over and over, in water color work like this and in close, sensitive portraits, he captures all that we love most about dogs. So many breeds and options, you simple have to scroll through all his dog art to appreciate his gifts and your options.

Dog Training Treats Image
Wet Noses Little Stars Sweet Potato Organic Dog Training Treats
BING, BING, BING – we have a winner! Finally a truly tiny treat that dogs eat and don’t upset any tummies. You get HUNDREDS in every bag so train away! There are other flavors so here are all Little Stars if you’re not wild about sweet potato.

Merry Products Cage Image
Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set
Got this for Pip when I moved into my new home and love it. Went together without tools in minutes and really is a good looking item. After years of staring at necessary but frankly ugly crates, this one is a sight for sore eyes. Now, not for crate training. The wire isn’t sturdy so if your dog doesn’t like crates this isn’t for you. But if your dog loves the crate, as Pip does, you can have for your crate and use it, too!

FURminator deShed Tool
FURminator deShed Tool
Every one in a very long while someone invents a better mousetrap. This is one. This tool works. Use it on the soft, rounded parts of your dog in short, gentle moves and you will be astounded just how much loose hair is removed. Every person with a dog who sheds will love this item once they try it.

PetSafe Buddy Football Image
PetSafe Busy Buddy Football
I’ve had this lying around my life for years and only just started really using them. I love them. They are tidy and quick to load, they last and dogs like them. What is not to like? I screwer the small opening with a bully sticks (a large one for the large football) then jam a biscuit into the large opening and off we go. Load time? a few seconds. Dog use time? Many minutes. That’s math I can appreciate.


Plush Puppies Invincible Gecko Image
Plush Puppies Invincible Gecko
These toys really DO last and really DO continue squeaking even after they are pierced. If that sounds good to you then you’ll love these toys. Pip’s lasted for several months with makes that several months longer than other dog squeaky toys last.

Upright Vacuum Image
Hoover Windtunnel Max Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum
This is my machine and I loooove it. Use it frequently, empty it often, it keeps on keeping on. Not a lightweight but doesn’t do a lightweight job either.

Westie Ladies' Micro Image
Westie Ladies’ Micro Fleece Unlined Vest with Bone Zipper Pull and Embroidered image
I’m Sarah Wilson and I’m a vest-o-holic. Also like a standing collar, especially in the winter. Add in a fine dog image (over 150 breeds to pick from) and those black side panels that will be slimming on everyone and I am sold! Comes in XS – 2X and some other colors as well.

Dog T-shirt Image
Dog is Good Womens I’m Just Not Listening Fitted Tee
Newly a fan of Dog is Good, their products make me smile often and laugh frequently. Since dogs and fun go together in my head and in my life, I love any company that deftly combines to two. They also make this shirt, which I love:

Best Dog Gifts 2013 Shirt Image

“Follow Me” Women’s V-neck Long Sleeved T-shirt
This reads: I want a dog to follow me because she wants to, not because she’s afraid of what will happen if she doesn’t.

Himalayan Dog Chew Image
Himalayan Dog Chew
I saw these, contacted the company, they sent a sample and Pip was sold! As has been every other dog I’ve offered these uber hard cheese-like, no-smell, no-stain chews too since then. (FYI: Sending me a sample doesn’t mean I’ll like your product. So far companies are batting 2/9. All it means is I’ll look at it.) As with any hard chew, some dogs have had dental issues from gnawing. I buy a larger size than you think your dog needs. When it is a swallowable stub, microwave the end bit to make a cheese puff like dog snack.


  1. Oh I love the chew. I like not needing to toss that last bit!!

  2. Forgot to say, the Wet Noses treats went 4/4 here. That’s amazing. Great treat and gift!

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