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Zombie Dog ImageZombie dogs? Of course! Dogs are by our side thick and thin and, apparently, alive and dead. Here is a  list of fine zombie dog gifts on Amazon. Don’t be caught dead without one!

Zombie dog toy gifts image
Zombie Dog – The Barking Dead
Zombie cute? Yup this guy pulls that off without even breaking an ear off – well, almost. “Play Dead”? Classic.

Zombie Dog Decal Image
Kowalla Zombie Kid Dog with Blue Collar Vinyl Wall Decals
Kinda cute, kinda scary – the perfect blend. Get the largest size (72 x 51 inches) and it gets darn impressive!

zombie dog gift image
Zombies!!! Glowing Bag O’ Dogs!!!
When you need 100 glowing zombie dogs, nothing else will do! Here you go; do with them what you will.


zombie dog bandana Image
Zombie Tactical Response K-9 Unit Dog Bandana
Your dog is serious about zombie killing? Then this bandana will add to his (or her)  esprit de corpse.

Zombie Dog Patch Image
Zombie Outbreak Response Team K9 Patch
Very cool patch.

Zombie Dog Decals Image
Zombie Dog Scary Car Sticker Indoor Outdoor 6″ x 4″
Let people know that you aren’t fooling… or that you are… there are plenty of other zombie dog decals to make you smile.

Zombie Dog Tag Image
Dog Tag Art Custom Pet ID Tag for Dogs – Zombie Fighter
And many dogs would. Not sure how they would without getting infected but they would try.

zombie dog collar Image
Country Brook Design Green Walk Like a Zombie Grosgrain Ribbon Half Check Collar-L
Zombie dog collars? But of course! Here are more sizes and styles to look at: other Zombie dog collars

Zombie Dog Dress Image
Dog Supplies Zombie Hunter Screen Print Dress Black With Pink
From the “Buffy the Vampire” end of the spectrum comes this killer threat with pink for b*tches who earn the title.

zombie poodle id tag Image
Zombie Poodles on the Loose – Custom Pet ID Tag for Dogs and Cats – SMALL SIZE
You just never see a zombie poodle coming, do you?

zombie dog toy Image
Hagen Dogit Vinyl Dog Toy, Zombie Dog
There are several other Zombie dog toys, if you’re looking for a zombie raccoon or chicken. All these toys are vinyl, which means they won’t hold up long to gnawing jaws but does that matter?

Zombie dog figuring image
Zombie Dog Handler
Even zombie dogs pull on leash? Good to know, I’ll have job security even if I am infected.

Zombie Dog sculpture Image
Hollywood Collectibles Group Resident Evil Cerberus Zombie Dog
And a zombie dog figurine of Cerberus rounds out this listing.

Hope these zombie dog gifts made you shiver and smile now… RUN!!!!!!


  1. LOVE!
    Perfect things for the Walking Dead return on February 9. 😀
    I gotta have that zombie dog decal. No one will park too close to us EVER AGAIN!

  2. Annnd the patch. The patch matches our t-shirts. 😀

  3. Love it!!!!!!!

    The dog on the Zombie dog handler reminds me of Phoebe…. hmmmm

  4. These are great! Made me howl (with laughter).

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